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I hope you are all having a fab year thus far!

I do apologize for being absent for so long it’s just been a bit crazy getting back into things but not to worry Amzzzie is back!!!

So not sure if some of you saw this look on my Instagram but decided this look is a MUST and I cant not talk about it.

So this 2020 is all about the Tropical print, its a trend that’s literally taking over the summer and I must say I LOVE IT! This trend is like an explosion of all things flora and fauna and everything in between that we all have been waiting for. As ladies, we want to look and feel feminine but also show a playful fun side. What shows a fun side more than the burst of colour that tropical prints provide.

This palm print is one of my favorite only because I feel like they don’t go out of fashion. Tropical prints were made to add some fun to our wardrobes to allow us to step out of our comfort zones and stand out. If you not into being so daring and having a floral print from top to bottom is just too much then my suggestion is tone it down. I always recommend pairing something that’s loud with something plain so that the print stands out but it’s not an overkill.

But for my other fashionistas, that are all things bold and daring, And Love to stand out because the more attention the better. Then my suggestion is to mix tropical prints with any other prints. Fruits, vegetables, floral, animal print – all these look fabulous against a tropical pattern.


Two-piece tropical print from Poetry

Accessories from Sterns

Hope you all enjoyed this week’s fashion tips.



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  1. Awesome. Thanks for the tips

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