Reminiscing On A Turkish Summer…
Reminiscing On A Turkish Summer…

Reminiscing On A Turkish Summer…

Umbrellas in Turkey


Streets of Karakoy

Karakoy umbrellas

This European Summer, as I am sure you know. I traveled to Istanbul. Looking back it truly was quite something. I have never experienced something like this before. I mean its one of the only countries in the world to be a combination of Europe and the Middle East.

It is rich in architecture where you can clearly see the middle east influence but then by simply crossing the street or a few blocks away and it seems like you are in Europe. The weather is very hot and humid so be sure to pack light airy clothes when traveling there.

Ortakoy Mosque

Amzzzie in turkey

High-neck top and denim shorts

The streets vary from neutral tones that don’t stand out too much to very bright and colourful. One of the streets we went to was in Karaköy. This is an important transportation and trade center. This neighborhood is full of history-defying structures, charming streets, and of course many different types of foods and drinks.

I like to call it the umbrella street, because of all the cool umbrellas hanging above the coffee shops, its not just a cool place to take pictures, but also a nice place to grab a coffee and read a book.

Casual summer look in Turkey

Another must-see is Besiktas-Ortakoy. It is situated right on the waterfront and has a market with a number of mini-stalls selling all kinds of souvenirs. It also has a breathtaking view of  Ortaköy Camii (Ortakoy Mosque) and the  Bosphorus Bridge, this is one of the two bridges that connect the European and Asian banks of Istanbul.

The Ortaköy Camii  and the Bosphorus Bridge with amz

Now on to what I am wearing…

I am simply wearing denim shorts with a white high-neck cross back top. Paired with silver bedazzled sandals. I was a tourist and had lots to carry so took my black backpack but of course, that’s, not a must.

Ortakoy village

 the Bosphorus Bridge in turkey



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