Multi-Coloured Casual Summer Dress
Multi-Coloured Casual Summer Dress

Multi-Coloured Casual Summer Dress

Hi Guys!

Today’s blog is about rocking a simple multi-coloured summer dress. When I was in Istanbul the weather was absolutely amazing but, not gonna lie it was very hot and humid. When sightseeing you want to look cute because helllooooo we making memories here. However, you also want to be comfortable.

I decided the best way to meet both these requirements was to wear my multi-coloured summer dress with side cutouts.  The perks of a dress like this is,

  1. It’s Cute
  2. It’s Flowy and airy
  3. It’s comfortable
  4. It’s currently in trend!

The thin material helps keep you cool in the summer heat. Another thing I like about a pattern like this is it’s so different and interesting. Especially if you are trying to be more oriental then you want a pattern that’s unique.

Keep your eyes out for more like this and stay stylish.




SANDALS: Woolworths

HAT: Woolworths

BAG: Flora and Co




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