My 21st Birthday …the Big Milestone

My 21st Birthday …the Big Milestone

21st birthday bedroom pic 1
21st Birthday

 I simply can’t believe it!!! March 2019 came so quickly and you guessed it! I TURNED 21!!!!

I have always been told about how 21 is such a Big Milestone in Life but didn’t really understand what all the fuss was about until my 21st arrived.  Also, I was a lot younger when I got told about how big a 21st birthday is and to be honest it always seemed just too far away to worry about.

But, my 21st has finally arrived this month and I couldn’t be more excited to share it all with you guys.

I guess 21 is often seen as you officially becoming an adult. Now at first, I wasn’t sure if this was something to be excited about because hey no one likes to age and we always get told that adults have lots of responsibilities and BILLs to pay which doesn’t sound fun at all. But with that comes lots of freedom, diving into what really matters to you and ultimately making the life you want to live. Well, that’s how I am looking at it anyway…

Blogger 21st Birthday

Soooo since 21 is kind of a BIG DEAL!!!

I knew I had to make a fuss and celebrate in style.  As you probably know, 21st birthdays are often associated with over the top parties.  Hosted in a really grand looking place that is decorated to the t.  Food that is just amazing and of course a mountain of drinks. And let’s not forget the Loud music blasting till early hours of the morning.

Well, as nice as that all sounds that isn’t me. I am not a party animal as much as I am a social being.  As I have gotten older, I have realized that having these fancy parties are not what’s important. Well for me that is. Having the people that really matter in your life is what matters. Celebrating with them is way more meaningful than inviting all the people I know, and then not speaking to half of them after the event.

I decided to have a small Boho picnic, party if you will with those that are close to me. I wanted my 21st to be something I would always hold dear to me as the years go by.

Smiles on my 21st

Thanks to my amazing mom, I was absolutely spoiled rotten.

The day of my Boho party finally arrived…

Boho picnic

I wanted simple, chic and girly of course. I had it at this beautiful park close by because nature sets the tone.

My theme colours were pink, purple, blue and white as you can see.

and my outfit had to match that…

Boho birthday

Family party photo

Tip if you planning your 21st.

1. Do You!!!

2. Have the 21st you have dreamed of, don’t listen to others.

3. Invite those that truly matter.

4. Have an absolute blast, because you are only 21 once!!!!

21st Party with friends

21st Birthday cake




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