Well Hello there, Can I just say we have been having a rather odd start to summer where one day it will be crazy hot and the next day it will be rather cold or chilli as some like to say.It is like the four seasons are present in one whole day, crazy hey!
Anyways back to business on this rather breezy hump day.

Today’s blog post I would like to go a little bit beyond the fashion, of course, that’s a very important aspect.However blogging is more than just taking pictures and sharing fashion trends and personal style.Its also about telling a story, now I’m sure your utterly confused thinking what is Amira on about.Well, let me explain, each day is different to the next and so is each emotion conveyed in a picture it might all be taken on the same day but each very different to the next.It is the same thing with different background textures.Where you decide to take your pictures will either help you stand out or change the mood and tone of your picture/ outfit completely and so by making use of different textures, colours and of course the fashion items you choose to wear you are telling what I like to call a textured fashion story.


 In today’s pictures, I would like to demonstrate how I used different background textures to set a mood and in one say tell my own little story all on the same day. I have the dam water as one texture, I have the rock wall as another, I also have the green grass and the road and grey skies as my last.All taken on the same day but all create something different. Plain backgrounds are good if you want yourself to be the main focus point, water and grass add more life to the pictures because its real.And other textures like the rock will help to add that little extra depth.

 What I’m Wearing:

Brown leather jacket
Grey crop top//Cotton on
High waisted black jeans//Factorie
Black  hat with gold chain 
Black high top wedge heels
Rose gold watch//Sterns
Silver heart earrings // Edgars
Black Beaded bracelets // Factorie

Photos were taken by Rohil Singh

 Fill Your Story With Different Colours and Textures so you can Stand Out because different is Beautiful…

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