Winter is finally coming to an end soon we will be in bright summer colours saying goodbye to the long sleeve layered look. So for today’s post I decided to share some of my winter moments from a shoot I did a while back, however, I didn’t share all the pics until now.
Winter is all about those deep warm colours and of course your black and grey colours that seem to go well with every outfit in the winter season.
For this look, I am wearing my maroon long sleeve crop top matched with my ripped black denim jeans and my black Sissy Boy stilettoes along with a gold chain accessory and in the one picture  I paired up my black leather jacket just to spice things up.
To bring out the colour of my top I dressed my lips up in the same colour lip stick as my top which not only helps accentuate the colour but adds so much more depth to your whole outfit and of course brings focus to your gorgeous lips ladies.

As much as I love Summer I have to admit winter fashion is something special on its own. 

With winter coming to an end you no longer have to layer everything but its still not warm enough to just wear a frilly dress. So why not wear a long sleeve crop top that will keep you warm and show off your tummy which of course adds that little bit of sexyness. 

This look is your typical stylish going out/party look. If you want to be warm but not completely covered to hide your features then this is the look for you.
Whats nice about this look is you can dress it down if you not the mood for heels and want to be more comfortable but still have that stylish edge you can pair it up with a flat pair of boots. I would recommend in a dark brown or black colour.

Also, it is still cold and if you not looking to get sick then pair this look with a black leather jacket that will not only warm you up but add that something extra and why not.

 The key to making any look work for you and feeling absolutely fabulous is having confidence.
Confidence is the accessories you never leave at home.

All these pictures above were done by Optical Noise.

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